in Antarctica

Awake on the Legend by the sound of orcas that come to the surface after a couple of days at sea. You’re in a breath-taking scene with many thousands of ice skots, and ice bergs. In front of you in the ice cold sea a snowy shore appears.

Welcome to the South Pole. With an average temperature, far below zero and almost no plant growth this continent is almost impossible to visit. The Legend however easily plows through the ice taking you to the most remote places in the world while enjoying ultimate luxury on board. Antarctica keeps on fascinating the explorers.

From the beautiful King George Islands to the moving ice in the far south and the Western Antarctic Ice Plateau – an area most affected by climate change and global warming. Come face to face with penguin colonies, whales and beautiful sea lions.

The Legend is equipped with zodiacs, kayaks, a helicopter and a state of the art sub marine for you to discover wildlife and natural beauty on the icy surface and far below the waters of the arctic. This truly is a great adventure.

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