The Legend


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Drink a glass of champagne and enjoy the best culinary offerings while passing the most beautiful nature. The Legend is able to go where most other luxury yachts stop. It offers luxury, experience and information to go out and see the world in all it’s beauty.

Think of that one journey that you’ve always dreamed about making. Imagine that one desolate place that you’ve always wanted to visit. The Legend is a well-equipped ice breaker with unprecedented luxury and all modern facilities aboard. It’s your yacht taking you to places you’ve never gone before. Let our very experienced staff assist you on your once in a lifetime tour.

The Legend is an icebreaker that is able to pass through ice cold seas to discover the places of your dreams.

The Legend has an abundance of high-end equipment onboard for you to enjoy nature at its best. The motor yacht has a state of the art submarine, snowscooters, wave runners, zodiacs, a long island tender, novurania and a helicopter deck. Conquer the sea, the land and the air. Adventure on a new level.

The Legend is built to accommodate luxury on places where you would not expect comfort at all.

The Legend offers travelers top end service, experience and information to keep your tour interesting and safe.

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